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Carl Osce aka Carlo Carinola is an Italian DJ/Producer born in Brindisi. He was introduced to Electronic Music at age 16 and since then it has taken a firm place in his life.

Currently working on some songs and he is part of the Blow Up Party crew.

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In 2011 he began his adventure in the world music business. He worked for more than 40 labels and found some success. He can claim to be joined into the #Top100 of Beatport and iTunes.

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    Video Promo 2015

    I am

  • portfolio video work

    Torre Regina Giovanna [Brindisi]

    Live Dj Set [04.25.15]

  • portfolio

    Dopolavoro Live Club [Brindisi]

    Live Dj Set [02.16.15]

  • portfolio

    Carl Osce - Jump

    Live permormance [05.31.14]

  • portfolio

    Carl Osce ft. Giorgia Piliego Liberation

    Official Music Video

  • portfolio

    Oxford Brokes Club [England]

    Live Dj Set [08.28.12]

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Strada Della Torretta, 67
72100 - Brindisi, Italy

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